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Before you start, some important information about your account:

  • All files for public viewing should be uploaded into your public_html directory. Files uploaded anywhere else will not be seen by anyone visiting your website.
  • The first page you upload must be named index.htm or index.html (or index.cgi / .shtml / .php3 in the relevant directories). Delete the current index.htm, which is the temporary front page that Internetters created for you.

    Important Ensure that the name of your new page is in lower case (e.g. index.html and not Index.html or INDEX.html).
  • Remember that our system is SeNsItIvE to upper and lower case directory and file names. Your FTP user name and password are also case sensitive.
  • Email is set up under our new VPOP system. Please see our VPOP Support pages for full instructions and details.
  • Statistics of visitors to your site are located at This directory is usually password protected for your privacy, using the default stats user name "stats" and password "visitors". Statistics are updated once a week on a Monday morning. Your statistics are explained here.
  • File and directory names must not contain spaces or any characters other than letters, numbers, hypens '-' and underscores '_'.
  • In your FTP program, upload your Perl, HTML and TXT files in ASCII/TEXT mode. Upload images in Binary mode. Many FTP programs will have an Auto-Detect setting that will select this for you.
  • The directories named cgi-bin, status and icons are shared system-wide directories. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE NAMES FOR YOUR OWN DIRECTORIES.
  • Please do not delete any of the preset files or directories other than index.htm unless you know what they are and are sure that you will not use them. Some files are required for email autoresponse, some for your statistics, some for virtual FTP and so on.
  • For your own CGIs (*.cgi) or SSI (*.shtml): use any directory name except cgi-bin for your own scripts (cgi_bin or cgibin are allowed). Set the permissions correctly: chmod 755 filename in FTP if your client program supports it - or ask us to do this for you.
  • For CGI Script use: Perl is located at /usr/local/bin/perl. Sendmail is located at /usr/lib/sendmail.
  • Internetters' Support Pages have detailed instructions and advice to assist you in making the most of your new website and the powerful facilities of our servers. Please also consult our extensive Online Help pages for answers to questions you may have. If you cannot find the answer to your questions, you can submit a question to our Support Staff via this system. We will always respond within 24 hours - usually much quicker. You can also contact us during UK office hours on 0870 748 3333 (UK) or +44 20 8537 3362 (international), although we would ask you to read the Support Section first as over 95% of questions asked are covered in these detailed pages.
Although you must replace our index file with one of your own, you may wish to bookmark or print out this page for future reference.

Hosted By Internetters

If you are happy with Internetters' hosting services, you might like to display this image on your website. It will help us to be found more easily on the Internet. You will find the image in the public_html directory of your account. If you wish to use it, simply add the following line of code to any page of your site:

<p><a href=""><img src="hostedby-w2.gif" width="79" height="35" alt="Hosted by"></a></p>

Thank you for your support.

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